The market is like a chess board.

Make your first move!

Imagine the entire market as a chess board, on which competitors fight over their territory. Each square represents a segment of the market on which you need to occupy the right spot at the right time by using the appropriate tools.

The game starts by setting up the pieces, i.e. arranging the marketing tools into a complex and unique strategy. As the game progresses, you will be able to take control of the entire board, adapt to the current situation and defend against your opponent's attacks.

Just as skilled grandmasters bring their oponents to a thoroughly calculated checkmate, we combine various marketing tools so that you can achieve your goals. With a complex approach and a stable battle plan, we will help you win. Play your Marketing Gambit today!

figurka krále


Protect it no matter the cost.

The king is the player's most valuable piece and it needs to be guarded at all times. When the player's king falls, they lose the game.

In the real world, the BRAND of a product acts the same way—it has to be defended against competition and promoted on the market by all means. By using the right tools, a strong and recognisable brand is developed—if you can defend yours, you win.

figurka královna

Marketing Strategy

Your most powerful tool.

The Queen is undoubtedly the strongest piece on the board. It can move in any direction and has a large range of attacks.

A good Marketing strategy works similarly—with its help, it is possible to utilize a huge variety of marketing channels, which include online marketing, social media, performance-based advertising, emailing and many more. This tool is the key to success of any business project—one good move with the queen can decide the whole game.

figurka koně


Distinguish yourself and gain the upper hand.

The Knight has a unique movement pattern—it is the only piece capable of leaping over obstacles in its way.

It represents the creative concept of your product. Its power lies in originality, thanks to which you can come up with fresh ideas and overcome new boundaries.

figurka střelce

Communication strategy

Reach anywhere in a split second.

The bishop is a dynamic piece with the potential of getting across the entire board in a single move.

Big reach is invaluable in the business field, and for that reason, you need an effective communication strategy, thanks to which you will be able to reach all your potential customers in the right place at the right time.

figurka věže

Experience in the field

A strong foundation to rely on.

The rook serves as the king's firm support he can count on in times of crisis.

In the real world, you could say the same about experience in the field, something truly priceless in today's saturated market. We have more than 25 years behind us and over 3500 projects realised.

figurka pinčla


Use your resources wisely.

A pawn doesn't possess a lot of strength by itself. But an experienced player knows that they need to sacrifice their most numerous pieces in the right situations, in order to make way for their stronger arsenal.

Your investments work in a similar way. Each and every business activity needs an effective, well-designed budget.

How can our services benefit you?

Together we will take a look at the current state of your company, your portfolio and activities. We will analyze your position on the market and compare it with the competition. We will research the behavior and needs of your target audience. We will evaluate the success of your activities (ROI) and form a list of suggestions for improvement, optimization and possible expansion.

Here's what we can offer:

  • An analysis of your company in terms of market position, including a research of your competition
  • A detailed description of your target group, opinion leaders, stakeholders
  • Defining the added value of your product
  • A complex analysis of each of your marketing tools
  • Design and creation of a new visual identity
  • Optimization and effective business planning
  • Website development and management
  • Web analytics and campaign effectiveness measurement
  • Future outlook of business trends

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